Elevation of a Bangalore Bungalow

Location Location Koramangala, Bangalore

Category Category

This sprawling bungalow in Bangalore’s leafy Jayanagar district held a rich history but felt outdated and disconnected from the lives of its young inhabitants. InterioNotion was tasked with breathing new life into the space while preserving its architectural heritage.

The Space

The bungalow boasted intricate woodwork, high ceilings, and spacious verandas – hallmarks of a bygone era. However, the interiors were cluttered and lacked a cohesive flow.

The Ask

The clients desired a functional and stylish living space that honored the heritage of the bungalow while incorporating modern amenities and a touch of contemporary flair.

The Results

InterioNotion meticulously restored the architectural details while introducing a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Open floor plans and strategic use of light created a sense of spaciousness. Locally sourced furniture and artwork blended seamlessly with modern design elements, resulting in a timeless and elegant space that pays homage to the bungalow's rich past.